The mindfulness exercise of sitting idle for 10 minutes was a chance to see where my mental state was at that current moment. As I sat noticing my thoughts, I recognized the racing, anxious clamors jab their way in like tiny saboteurs. As I let them enter and fade, the unimportance and irrationality of each thought become somewhat humorous. What really matters, everything? nothing? I surrendered to the futility of fighting against or for any particular thought. My attachment to my pressure filled stream of plans and images, loosened its grip. I settled on plainly imagining the color blue; simply the color blue. I experienced senses of freedom and moments of relief.


Two things I will take away from my Human Behavior / Social Environment class:

The perception someone has about their own identity is crucial to experiencing a purpose filled life. By helping individuals find a role which makes them feel connected to themselves and their community can lead to overcoming a myriad of social problems. The idea of knowing and believing in who you are, can impact your ability to rise above your station, and create a narrative counter to the one handed to you at birth.

The case study project we completed opened my eyes to the importance of rigorous attention to each child connected to my caseload. Although there may be many service providers encountering a given family, If I see a yellow or red flag of concern, it becomes my responsibility to take action.